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Nehiyawak Language Experience

Had the opportunity to not only participate in this truly unique experience but to photograph and capture the moments every step of the way.

I along with 9 other people travelled from Kelowna, British Columbia to Mistawasis First Nation, Saskatchewan to participate in the Nehiyawak Language Experience: Land Based Language Revitalization Camp.

This Cree language camp is a program founded on the epistemological and pedagogical practices of nehiyawak artists. The focus of this program is to produce authentic language engagement in the context to enhance and share nehiyaw identity, including ways of knowing and being. The end result of this experience is to tell a story in Cree confidently and understand nehiyaw philosophy, practices, and beliefs. Past participants and students in this program have been engaged in their learning in an outdoor environment that permeates the traditional teachings and an experience they will never forget. The instructors are artists of many gifts: story-telling, chanting, singing, drum-making, beading, birch bark biting, basket making and acting.

I am so humble and grateful to not only connect with my culture and traditions but to start the process of learning how to speak my traditional native tongue. Growing up, the connection to my culture has been been one of self discovery from my late teens on so to be able to have the chance to work with knowledgeable and talented cree instructors who love to teach their language has been amazing.

I compiled together a video presentation of our experience (Link Below)

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