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The Payton & Dillon Budd Memorial Ride 2019

Volunteered as a photographer for The Payton and Dillon Budd Memorial Ride 2019 presented by the Thomas Alan Budd Foundation. The event raised $122,000 for the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Kelowna for essential programs and services around mental health and suicide prevention. Also known as "Ride Don’t Hide", the cause is a nation-wide fundraising bike ride campaign that gives thousands of people across Canada the opportunity to connect—to their own mental health, to each other and to their broader communities, while raising the critical funds that support CMHA programs in their own community that help Canadians take care of their mental health. As someone who has personally experienced the struggles of maintaining mental health and still currently does at times to this day, the cause is one that is important to me and one that it close to my heart.

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