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A Broken Heart

I want to express my joy and appreciation for all of your patience while I took a temporary leave from posting any imagery. The reason is because I wanted to direct my full attention to completing and finalizing a personal project that has been quietly in the works. I have remained silent about any details regarding this project until I decided to release it. I made the decision to release a large amount of my imagery in the form of an essay which is a continuation of my last photo essay that I created based on my personal experience fighting a mental Illness that we all know as Depression. My last photo essay chronicled my journey and experience fighting a strong case of Depression as I completed my last semester as a photography student in Centre for Arts and Technology, It chronicles the impact and struggle of fighting a mental illness while trying to graduate college. It has been on of the most difficult and impactful times of my life and it also tells of finding the light side in the darkest of times and that living with a mental illness can have its dark and light sides and it is up to you to be able to get past the darkness to find light and happiness once again.

This piece follows my journey after successfully graduating my photography program at CATO while still fighting my depression. However the subject of this essay is based on one that I think everyone has has experience with at one point in their lives, be it big or small and that is a broken heart. It also chronicles my experience of completing school while dealing with a mental illness while also trying to mend a broken heart as a result of a painful breakup. While I was completing my last semester as a student preparing to start my career as a professional photographer I began to discover the true essence of my work and what it stands for as well as the overall feeling and tonality. When it comes to my work as a photographer, I combine the medium of photography, storytelling and various artistic aspects to create stories in the form of essays. The feeling and tone of my work is very raw, emotionally charged and powerful as I connect very emotionally and personally to the imagery that I create.The feel of this particular piece is very dark, moody using mainly a street photography type perspective as well as the dark surreal and artistic tone that my work is known for.

The story itself tells of trying to escape the grasp of the dark sides of depression only to be drawn back under as a result of a breakup. It than tells of the negative emotional impact it had on me and the continued fight to find the light and stay positive slowly bit by bit. During the last 3 months, I have have learned a lot of hard and valuable lessons and gained a new and deeper perspective of myself as a person. I have come to find the true meaning of my work and what direction I want to take it in and I would not change the experiences that have bought me up to this point in my life. In fact I am grateful for every hardship that has been thrown my way including my breakup as it has bought much valuable insight to me as well as changed me for the better.

I hope you all enjoy the emotional rawness of this essay and please keep your eyes peeled for more updates on my imagery. Link provided below

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