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About My Work

"When it comes to my imagery, each individual piece is an emotionally charged piece of work meant to produce an intimate and captivating experience between viewers and the photograph. I crave to push the creative boundaries in order to create a thought provoking, evocative, dark and surreal story capturing the fragility of human emotions and experience. I connect with my work on a deeply personal level, drawing forth concepts from my own experiences. In essence I aim to create a memoir of sorts for my viewers to connect with as well."

Almost 3 years ago, I made the decision to relocate from my small Metis settlement in Northern Alberta to the Okanagan to pursue a secondary education. I put my full attention and focus into pursuing the career I was truly passionate about from the time I was in junior high and that is photography. During that time, my attention and focus paid off and I have officially and successfully completed my Digital Photography Program at Centre for Arts and Technology Okanagan.

Officially certified in the career I am truly passionate about, there could be no better feeling to describe it other than gratifying. It's been one hell of a journey full of blood, sweat, tears, smiles and laughter and nevertheless of a few bumps and road blocks along the way, I persevered and can now proudly say I did it! Throughout my experience, both the good and the bad, I would not change one second and will forever be internally grateful for everyone who has supported and guided me along the way from family, friends, peers, instructors and co-workers. Throughout my journey pursuing a career I am utterly passionate about, I have grown quite substantially, mentally and spiritually and have found a clarifying sense of who I am as a person and what my work stands for. These last few months have been truly life changing. It blows me away just how much I've progressed from 3 years ago. From a young girl straight and fresh faced out of a small settlement to a confident woman certified in the career I adore. I've also gained a sense of purpose and direction that I want to take my work and career in and am already working towards my goals. I am more confident in my abilities as a photographer/visual artist than I was first starting out as an amateur student photographer. One of the most poignant moments of my journey that helped me to realize the direction I wanted to take my photography in came in the form of a kind classmate whom I also consider not only a great friend but a very inspirational and talented photographer. Partway through our Digital Photography course, devastated by a loss in my family and on the brink of depression due to the stresses of life, I turned to him for advice and to this day his words still stick with me, in fact I often reflect back upon his words everyday as a mantra to myself whenever questions and doubts arise up from within concerning my abilities as a visual artist.

His words have stuck with me to this day and I often garner inspiration from them and apply them to my work as a visual artist and as a photographer. When It comes to my work, I treat it as a visual artistry to produce an intimate experience between the viewer and photograph. I crave to push the creative boundaries to create thought provoking, evocative, dark and surreal pieces of imagery that will captivate and mesmerize my audience. A piece of my soul goes into every individual piece of work I produce, In essence, in doing so, I aim to communicate and connect with my audience emotionally through my imagery itself. I want to utilize my art to bring insight and awareness to the fragility of human emotion and experiences based on my perspective. In essence I aim to create an ode of sorts to the souls wandering this earth just as lost as I once was. Where it comes to my art, there is only one thing I truly desire from the deepest recesses of my heart and that is for my work to inspire and move people. My biggest desire is to create an emotional and inspirational impact utilizing my photography. I want to inspire people with my photos, to have them stop and stare in awe as a million thoughts and images flash through their minds, caused by a simple glance at my photo. To me that is what is truly important and valued close to my heart, is to impact people and to change their lives or even their perspectives that is what I truly desire from my work.

I have established a place here in Kelowna as an artist and will continue to do so utilizing my newly re-modified website, business cards and my portfolio book showcasing my imagery. I plan to continue on with my portfolio development over the next period of time and will be posting links to my new and current work, so keep an eye out for future updates

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